When is Enough, Enough?

This whole week has been a string of firsts for me. First time living on my own, first time attending a large university, as well as the first time taking (or even hearing) of a class called “wicked problems”. However, after the first day I found myself really excited to see what sorts of problems we would dive into. I was previously a sociology major and took a social problems class so I expect these to sort of go hand in hand or at least have overlapping lessons.

Hearing about climate change is nothing new to me. It’s a topic that was talked about in every single one of my previous sociology classes. But I had never seen the movie “The 11th Hour” nor have I heard the story about Easter Island which I found to be interesting considering they’re both very profound pieces about the changing planet.

The main thing that I took away from this week of class is that something needs to be done and done as soon as possible. There is absolutely no way that we can continue to live as we are living and expect it to go on forever. Whether that happens in my time, my grandchildren’s time, or their grandchildren’s time the fall of society as we know it now is inevitable at this rate.

But at the same time, what’s to keep any particular species from evolving to adapt to the changing environment? It’s really something to think about.

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