Wicked Predictability

As a kid hearing “history repeats itself,” means little to nothing to us. But as we get older and have been alive long enough to watch trends come and go, we find that statement to be remarkably true. For instance, in the late 1990’s to early 2000’s, it was popular to wear chokers. This fad, of course, faded into something that was uncool or out of style. However, they are now back in style just as some could have guessed they would be some day.

This phenomenon, of history repeating itself, is also very apparent in our reading from the week. In “The Lessons of Easter Island,” I picked up on many characteristics that can be found in modern day civilization. For example, we now, just like those who lived on Easter Island, take more from nature than we give back whether that is renewable or nonrenewable resources. Another obvious similarity is deforestation habits. But more than either of those is the separation of “clans.” The author talks of this playing a major role in the demise of the Easter Island society. In modern day we struggle with the same issue with race wars.

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