Planet Earth

What does Sustainability means to me


Initially, before this course I never thought about the word “sustainability” or the fact that it has a huge impact on our environment as human beings. Sustainability to me means designing or creating a solution to solve the many harmful problems that are impacting the environment. It means creating ideas that will not only help the present generation but generations thus after.  After, I heard so many different definitions of the word from my fellow peers it was astonishing that we were all a bit unclear to what sustainability actually means.

I decided to Google the word to see if I could get a better understanding of the word. After, Googling the word I came across an article that explained that, “there is no universally agreed definition on what sustainability means. There are many different views on what it is and how it can be achieved”(HEC Global Learning,2016). So, it made sense as to why so many of my peers as well as myself, were a bit unsure about the definition.

The Wild Things Exercise/ Learning Community


The Wild thing exercise in my opinion was a bit a interesting. I was quite surprise to see what the other groups thoughts were. I like the fact that we go to feed off of not only our learning communities but our classmates as a whole. I wish that we were given more time to elaborate on our ideas because the time we spent writing down our thoughts were a bit rapid.

While, interacting with my learning community I learned that we all the similar thoughts, ideas and interests. I learned that it is important to let each person have a say in the group discussion. I really grasped the importance of team work because it allows for you to see things from a different view point and perspective.

Visiting Research Thoughts-Carolin


I thought that Carolin’s  presentation was an amazing start to helping the environment. It is important that we educate others about the clothing industry and how it has a huge effect on the environment. I think that a numerous amount of people can benefit from learning the basics of sewing. I feel as though many people are intimated by sewing of the sewing machines but people fall to see that there are other options available for repairing a garment. I must admit that even though I know how to sew fairly well I do not enjoy repair garments that I did not spend much money on I would rather discard it. But afters hearing Carolin’s presentation I will make more of an effort to repair the garments I have that has minor defects instead of just simply taking the easy route way out by throwing it away.

Easter Island/Okie Story


Easter Island as well as the Okie story was a prime example of human error that has caused the environment to react under poor conditions. Both of the stories in my opinion are a reflection as to what can happen to the planet if we keep utilizing resources that we don not have. History has a tendency to repeat and we have to take actions to ensure that we do not let this kind of history be repeated.

The 11th Hour (2007)- Leonardo DiCaprio


After watching the film entitled, “The 11th Hour”, I started to obtained a better idea of what the planet is undergoing. The filmed incorporated a wide variety of scientist, politicians,chemists, and also environmental specialists. The film brought to my attention so many aspect as to why the planet is suffering from global warming. The film also proposed so many different solutions that we have to stop looking at the environment as “our property”. As well as action that we can take to start reshaping and use technology to help global human activity.

Human beings are slowing causing the destruction of planet Earth. It is important that we take action to reverse and slow down the damage we are causing before it is too late. There are a lot of animals that has gone extinct and we must take action before the human race is faced with the same problem.

A Review of the sustainability impacts of  clothing 


Prior to reading the article I was unaware of several of the issues that were addressed. Some of the points that I found interesting was that the clothing industry are  in fact very unsustainable do to the five different stages of it’s life cycle. It was a bit sad reading the article and discovering that the field that I will soon be entering is impacting the environment so much. I’ve known that the fashion industry over the years has turned into a business that is rapidly producing garments for consumers. But,I was very unaware of the issues that underlay. Such as the dying of the fabrics. The article stated that, “workers in the factory are most at risk”. The article elaborated by saying that,”the dyestuff contains carcinogenic aniline dye and also  aromatic amines, which cause blender cancer”.

The article also addressed  simple key point that I never ever considered that. The article stated that, “washing,drying, and also ironing often accounts for most significant use of energy.” I never considered that the washing of clothing can contribute to the climate changing. Depending,on which materials that the clothes are constructed from “as much as 80% of carbon ‘footprint’ of clothing”.

The film, and movie has broadened my perspective on sustainability and it has brought so much awareness to my attention. As an American I think we tend to take a lot of the resources we have for granted.We are exposed to having certain things as toddlers that so we sort of lose the perspective of thinking from different viewpoints. I hope that throughout the duration of this course I gain the sight it takes to not only help the environment but help others take more action to help the planet.

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