Meditate on this

For Tuesday’s lecture we read an article about mindfulness and sustainability. At first I was skeptical about how meditation could help the environment. When I got to class I was a little nervous about how this whole meditation thing was going to work. I decided to have an open mind though and let the instructor guide our meditation for the day. The first practice we experienced was based off exploring our five senses. As I started to close my eyes I sort of felt unsure of where our minds were suppose to go. Using my senses to feel the moment really made me think of all that is going on in the world around me. I heard a door shut from down the hall and it made me realize just how big our world is. People barely have time to slow down and process what they are doing let alone what other people are doing. For the next meditation we had to give love to somebody we are close to, somebody we are not so close to, and then to the wildlife. Giving love to the person I am not very close to me was very difficult for me, but I felt closer to them after. When I gave love to nature I felt like I needed to start making a bigger difference to help save the environment

After Thursday’s class I realized even though we are constantly growing eventually our earth will not be able to sustain. Thinking about how fast we are wasting our resources is frightening. I keep thinking about how I can personally help the environment. I have decided to start making some small smart choices like not using as many plastic bags when I go shopping. I have also decided that my roommate and I are going to start recycling. I also think if we start integrating more sustainability in the younger generations then we can potentially slow down our waste. Small changes may make a bigger difference in the end.

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