Peaceful State of Mind



Journeying into my second week of college, there were more struggles yet learning to remain peaceful and aware of everything I am facing. Earlier this week, I was feeling overwhelmed with homework, social life, and life overall. With all this happening on my plate right now, I was driving and unexpectedly a biker hit my moving car going full force speed. It scared me and in that moment and I wanted to explode. Making sure the guy that I hit was okay of course and I felt lucky that it could have been so much worse. God watched out for me that day. With this event happening on top of everything else, it made me realize to always remain peaceful and aware of my surroundings while keeping that peaceful state of mind. Our world is constantly growing and evolving and it’s hard to remember what is truly important. In class, we reflected upon these different changes going on in our world and how to keep the environment a more sustainable atmosphere. I believe we can make efforts every day to maintain this level of sustainability within the environment and it starts at a personal level that is gained into a lifestyle.

In class this week, we took the time to to focus on being present in the moment and only focusing on those thoughts. With meditation, I was able to be drawn into the present moment I was given and be aware of all my senses and only those senses. I have to say, it felt odd carrying around a yoga mat around campus but once we got started the thoughts vanished. I wondered where my thoughts would go and knowing me, they would be scattered everywhere. Surprisingly, I was able to be pulled into that moment and listen  to the small echoes around the room and the occasional construction booming from outside. After meditation, We discussed how our world is evolving and how we can improve it to make it a better place. It’s easy to wander and feel overwhelmed coming into something so new yet so exciting. I wonder how I am going to get all my homework done and remain social while also remembering that I have to eat something for dinner! I will always know that I wouldn’t be given something that I couldn’t handle. Our reflections and deep meditation was something eye opening for myself and helped me focus on being in class in that present moment in time. Another week I have overcome and I can’t wait to see what’s thrown at me next while keeping a peaceful state of mind.

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