Doing the best I can

“ People are really doing the best they can, given their level of awareness.” -Deepak Chopra
This quote was brought up on the board at the beginning of class on Tuesday and it hasn’t left my mind since. Tuesday was so exciting and new, I got so caught up in thinking about myself was weird. I can not remember the last time i have spent even 10 minutes thinking of nothing but myself, much less almost an hour of exercises. But throughout the silent mindfulness my mind continued to drift to thinking about the people I was in the room with. I was completely aware of everyone around me and I can see how the daily process of this can train you to empathize for others. Then upon reflecting the excerpt on Thursday I came to a decision on what i thought was understandable due to what I already knew and what i had just read. Within the discussion it was brought up that the possibility of anything changing could start with one person, but what about starting in big institutions like elementary and high school. It became apparent to me that the quote at the beginning was definitely applicable to how we start a culture change. If any change is going to happen we have to get information out there.

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