Familiar Lotus

This week in class, it was all about mindfulness. I was very interested because a couple years I got into the research of meditation and realized it had worked for me to an extent. When I say to an extent, it was probably limited due to the fact that I didn’t keep up with it. I taught myself a lot about the different chakras and the lotus itself. It amazes me how ten minutes of doing absolutely but breathing helps you come to means with your body and your mind. The technique was very new to me. Paying attention to all my senses surprisingly calmed me down. My mind didn’t wonder to what’s due my next class or what will I eat for dinner. And if it did I learned to pull back from that though. We were taught how to fall awake and that saying just made a lot of sense. It might not sound like it but the context just causes it to. Like I did a couple years ago, I may just get back into this calming habit. And this time keep up with it. A calmed, smart minded person can change the world and impact it greatly, and that is another big thing I learned this week.

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