Two sides to Sustainability

In Tuesday’s class, we were required to read an article over Mindfulness. When reading it, I felt myself really grasping the idea of mindfulness and the importance of it. To be mindful, in my opinion, means you are capable of controlling your thoughts and emotions in hopes for a positive outcome. What I enjoyed about Tuesday’s class is that I really felt like I hit a sense of meditation, that I hit that point of being one with my body and surroundings! It was a great feeling and I can definitely see myself meditating again in my free time. That’s just mindfulness though, that’s all up to me. The complicated side of Wicked Problems, or Thursday’s class, was sustainability. The article we read proposed two sides to how we can conquer sustainability, or in other words solve the wicked problem. I found this very complicated and confusing as it is easy to agree with both sides, but how do we know which side is right? Are either sides right? Is there even a “right” answer to sustainability? It is all so complicated and frustrating. I just want an answer to the solution but then again there may not be an answer, or at least not just one. Sometimes I almost wish the whole world could just take 10 minutes and meditate.

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