Week Two at OSU!!

After a great weekend of studying, doing laundry, working out and going to bed Sunday night feeling prepared for the week and ready to go, something terrible happened. My alarm didn’t go off for my 8:30 class on Monday morning. This was not how I would have hoped to start my week. I made it to my first class only being a few minutes late, so everything turned out just fine! Monday morning just came way to quickly. After my first class my computer quit working and I quickly started to realize that week two might even be more hectic than week one! I did what I had to do and by Tuesday evening I was back on track after being derailed on Monday. I was thankful to start over again on Tuesday, and my day went much better! I woke up on time, had a great breakfast and headed to my Wicked Problems Class. We read an article over Mindfulness for homework and it really made me think about the break I needed to give my mind. We did some mindful practice in class on Tuesday and it wasn’t like anything I had ever done. It was really hard for me to sit still for that long and clear my mind of everything going on around me. Dealing with the stress of college is a very new experience, and it’s just about all I catch myself thinking about.
Tuesday night, I decided to sit down and read the article “Are Western Values, Ethics, and Dominant Paradigms Compatible with Sustainability?” I’ll be honest and tell you that it took me awhile to get into it. As I read through it and thought of the two arguments, I started thinking about how to balance them out. Starving people in this world is a big issue, and exhausting the worlds natural resources is a big issue as well. I think of myself and my friends and how dependent we all our “stuff”, and I cannot imagine being convinced or convincing this generation that we are headed in the wrong direction. Instead, I feel we can be trained to adjust our lifestyle so our world and our environment is available for future generations. Challenge me and my friends and I see us rising to the occasion. Tell us to do without, and I’m not sure anyone listens. I’m just thinking realistically. For a solution to work, it must have buy in. Education is key for the goal to be reached. It has been another challenging but great week.
In the blink of an eye, it was already time for Thursday’s class. We started the class with mindful practice, and it seemed even harder for me than Tuesday. Ten minutes was a long time to sit with my eyes closed. The class discussion over the article we read for homework was very interesting. It’s amazing to see that everyone has such diverse opinions over a topic. We were introduced to the final project that we are starting this week. I’m starting my research this weekend. I can’t believe we are half way through this course. I am learning so much and look forward to what is ahead! Looking forward to week three.

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