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The start of this class we were asked what our definition of sustainability means to us. My definition of sustainability is that it is a way of bettering the environment by watching what it is that we put into the environment and the materials that we use. I have never studied what sustainability means in depth, but I am interested to learn more about it as the semester goes on. I do not want to be ignorant when it comes to the environment and what needs to be done in order to help protect it. I have family members that are very conscious of the environment and do many things in order to do their part. Some of them go to the creeks and pick up trash in order to help the creeks flow better into the creek. They also do their part by making sure they are conscious of the items they are recycling and that they are diligent about it everyday. Although my family is good about being sustainable I have never really found an interest in it, but am willing to learn more about it.

In the past weeks we have been discussing what we know about sustainability and what it means to us. In the “Wildest Things” activity we were able to discuss what our dreams and gripes were about the environment and social issues. Some of my gripes were that sometimes the recycling companies do not make it very easy on people to recycle. It can be difficult for people to want to be environmentally friendly if it becomes inconvenient for them. It needs to be as easy as possible and be able for people to adapt well in their daily routines. Although I think people should wan to be more aware of the things around them it is important to be able to make it easy for people to want to learn about it. While in my learning community we discussed the ways that we try to be sustainable and the elements that make it difficult to be sustainable. We all came to agree that we all could do more in the environment to be sustainable, but we just don’t know where to start or know all the ways available to us. It can also be difficult being in college and being conscious of that as well because many of us do not own our own homes and all rent the places that we live so we abide by the rules given to us by our tenants. The survey that we took lead to another idea of a way of being sustainable, I would not want to swap clothes just because I have a hard time getting rid of clothes but I would be willing to rent clothes as long as it is done in a clean and professional way. I think it can be a hard way for people to catch on to because the websites that I have see that you rent clothes from they are in many cases clothes that are for special occasions that you would only wear once and that is why you are renting it. So I think it would be interesting to see what kind of clothes she would have that you could rent.

11th Hour

The movie that we watched this week was very enlightening, I did not realize all the factors that played into the world not being sustainable. Some of the factors were as simple as knowing what kind of products you are buying and the materials they are made of, another is that you can use a water bottle that is reusable instead of plastic one that ends up in a waste dump or worse in an ocean, lake, or creek. The movie talked a lot about global warming and the oil and gas industry while I think that it is possible both of these play some role in the environment they are not the only contributing factors of sustainability. It is important to know many different factors and not want to just focus on one or two elements because there are many different things that can be done in order to create sustainability in our world.


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