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Kayla Pinard

To me, sustainability is the ability to use materials/resources, which are provided, with delicate care. Some resources are not easily renewed and it is important to get as much use out of it as possible. Also, I believe in finding other ways to provide what we need without causing damage to our environment. I have enjoyed this class so far because I enjoy learning about our world and finding new ways to create a sustainable lifestyle. I enjoyed the wild things exercise because it was a good way of hearing other people’s opinions. Some ideas were similar but then others would come up with another aspect that I wouldn’t have thought of. I like bouncing ideas off each other and brainstorming theories with others. I found the 11th hour documentary to be extremely interesting and informative. I have some knowledge on sustainability but not as much as I should. The 11th hour was very interesting to me and I enjoyed listening to the causes of our world being destroyed and how we can fix it or how we need to fix it. Carloin’s research about teaching people to sew was also interesting to me. I like the fact that she wants to find sustainability in fixing old clothes. It is such a small part to it but overall when you throw out clothes, can lead to landfills and pollution. Easter island happened hundreds of years ago and yet it’s a foreshadow of what is to come for our lives now. It is important for our lives to be environmentally healthy as well. Designing for our future using safe materials that are also safe for the environment. There were many ideas that we discussed in class that I had never thought out. I liked listening to what everyone had to say because it helped lead to other ideas that could lead to more ideas. Working together is something I find pleasant because of the interactions and new learning’s. I have already found several ways to keep up a sustainable lifestyle at home, such as using Tupperware instead of plastic bags or use reusable water bottle instead of the plastic bottles. I think I am going to learn a lot from this class and I am going to be entertained.

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