Meditate to Save the World

Coming into this week, I had more of an open mind than I had with everything else up to this point. I can get on board with some mindfulness. I had done a few exercises with mindfulness from a few apps that I have, but nothing serious. When we were guided through our first mindfulness exercise, I felt so different afterwards. While it takes a lot of effort to keep your mind controlled and focused, after it is over, you get this incredible feeling of the stress melting away. I felt peaceful and so much less stressed than when I had first walked into class.

When we discussed how mindfulness can be linked to sustainability, it was a little hard to make the leap between the two ideas. The more it is thought about, however, the easier it is to see. When someone is taking time out of their day to be mindful, they become happier and more peaceful and even at one with nature. When you do these exercises, they have been linked to feelings of empathy and caring. This sometimes creates feelings for sustainability that would not have been there otherwise.

After reading Taking Sides, I began to see just how many great points and arguments can be made for two very opposing sides of a problem. One side took the stand that globalization is in line with the values of sustainability. They raised the point that with increased incomes, there is a decrease in pollution. Another argument made on this side was that with all the countries working together through a free market, there is more chance for solving wicked problems.

The other side said that globalization cannot in any way promote sustainability. They raised the argument that with the increased consumerism that globalization will bring, the environment and resources would not be able to keep up. They also said that in order for the world to truly shift toward sustainability, there must be a shift in social paradigms. This is the side that I fall more under. I feel that all the wealth in the world could be used to create sustainable ideas, but nothing will really ever change until people’s worldviews or perceptions change. The only way we can change the world is to change the way we view the environment and our resources.

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