Sincerely Sustainable

I believe this has to have been the most eye-opening first weeks of school I’ve experienced. Of course it started with the viewing of ‘The 11th Hour’, which was a film I had never even heard mentioned before entering this class. I mean, we have all heard the terms “global warming”, “deforestation”, “desertification”, but I don’t think they have ever rang true to me more than when I realized that I had a direct impact, not only as a consumer but merely as a human, on the hurt and destruction of our planet. If that isn’t enough to bring someone to their senses, I don’t know what it. But then, I suppose, it seems a little daunting at this point because, how am I, in the grand scheme of things, supposed to make a difference on the world? I think that is what I am most eager to answer for myself throughout this semester.

I enjoyed the Easter Island reading because of its foreshadowing. Of course, it is a part of the past, but as we discussed in class, I am so confident that it is a small example of where we are heading if we can not find a way to be more sustainable in our life styles, be more conservative of the energy we are using, and more conscious of the waste we produce and how we are disposing of it. As well as the Easter Island reading, I thought the Fashion Sustainability reading had a lot of good information in it that helps us picture exactly what our planet and society is going through. I think the statistic that shocked me the most was the amount of animals killed daily in order to produce fashionable products. And, if I’m remembering correctly, some of these slaughters were done with the intentions of only using the fur/skin and discarding the entirety of the animal. I found that disturbing.

I’d say, of all of the things we have gone over in the past two weeks, I’ve definitely begun to understand that sustainability is a future that we need to start thinking through now. Like a speaker from the movie said, the Earth has all the time in the world, its us humans who are on a race against time to remedy the issues we’ve cause and find a way to live more sustainable lives.

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