After touching on the topic of sustainability in problem solving strategies, I was excited to see what this course would be like. It wasn’t until problem solving strategies that I realized I had been practicing sustainability in fashion from a very young age. My mom has been self-employed for most of her life. For the past 11 years she has had her own consignment clothing store called Nothing to Wear. With consignment, consumers bring in their gently used clothing they no longer want and if we see it is fit to sell then we will do just that. For the garments that are too worn, damaged, or have a missing button or broken zipper, we then donate them to an organization called the love closet. The love closet is located inside a local church. It is open every single day to anyone needing clothing that does not have the money to go purchase it elsewhere. As an apparel merchandising major I feel that it is hard to not focus on sustainability in fashion when I think of sustainability. Sustainability to me is finding new purposes for things that are no longer wanted by someone else but are still functional to some extent. Over the past two two weeks we have gotten to receive so much information regarding sustainability. I sometimes get overwhelmed because I wish there was a textbook or something to provide more reference material for this class and that is why I titled this post “wait…what?” because I sometimes feel confused with the purpose behind some things or where information is/can be found. I am excited to continue learning about sustainability and ways to improve sustainability here in Stillwater but also all over the United States. The movie the 11th hour was very intense. There were many different issues that were discussed that involve sustainability that I didn’t even know were considered sustainability problems. The movie was inspirational but overwhelming at the same time. I enjoyed listening to Caroline speak on her research. She is very passionate about sustainability so it was easy to be excited about her project. I only wish that the sewing cafe would be located here in Stillwater because I would love to learn how to sew! I am excited to see how her visit impacts the future of sustainability at OSU but also the ways her research may have influence and inspired my peers to create a similar concept to be used right here at OSU. The Easter Island and Okie stories were interesting to me. I feel that sometimes we get excited about sustainability and the potential impact our generation could have, yet we forget how long this problem has been going on. People have been facing the issue of sustainability for thousands of years and it is unfortunate that nothing has ever been done or at the least been effective to help preserve our natural resources. I am excited to see how my views and interests regarding sustainability will change this semester as I continue to learn more about sustainability.

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