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Reduce, reuse, recycle was my answer to the first day of class definition of sustainability. After only four lectures, the 11th hour and a few exercises, I know there is a lot more to the subject. The Wild Things exercise was interesting because we were able to see the other group’s ideas to open up our discussion. The 11th hour had the most influence on my thoughts of sustainability. I felt so inspired leaving class that day wanting to change my lifestyle. Caroline’s speech was somewhat confusing for me to understand overall. I know the program was to teach people how to make worn out clothes desirable again, which would be a fantastic asset to sustainability. The Easter Island story was shocking to me, but made me think more deeply into our issues now a days. I remember in the 11th hour video a statistic on 95% of out original forests are gone. This relates back to the Easter Island story. Another shocking statistic was cotton being so harmful in many ways in apparel merchandising. I assumed since it was a natural resource it would be more sustainable, but that is definitely not the case. When speaking with my learning community I learned how other’s react to these statistics and also their views. It is interesting to know how others would change their ways in order to be more sustainable. I hope to learn more on the deeper meaning of sustainability.

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