Blog 1 Sustainability

Sustainability to me in summary is making the world stay a safe healthy place for us to live it. In design stand point it would have to do with usually sustainable materials that do not have to be replaced very often and that last a lot longer than other materials ultimately reducing the amount of waste. Even though we would all love to design more sustainability the truth of the matter is the design world is ever changing and people constantly want the last trend in design. Also there wouldn’t really be much need for a designer if everything lasted forever and never had to be replaced.

What I took away from the wild things exercise was the crazy scenarios we had to come up with. When my group got together and thought of ways to try and reduce the use of plastic in things such as grocery bags and water bottles. We thought of some very creative ways such as sending a drone to drop of that person’s grocery to their house or making the food to where it could be downsized and brought back to regular size by putting it in water.

My reflection on the 11th hour movie was that I learned a lot more about sustainability in the environment than I ever knew before. One of the greatest attributes they touched on was the effects of global warming and how it is slowly destroying the earth today. I also didn’t’ realize how much pollution there are in chemicals we use today and the fossil fuels we use every day. Our world is degrading and the temperatures have risen to unrealistic temperatures in certain areas of the world to make it melt and in eventually will result in the whole world being covered in water. They gave great suggestions that I strongly agree with about capping carbon dioxide and figuring out ways to use less and help the earth cool back down. This pollution of the earth such as dumping of toxic wastes into the oceans and main drinking water that’s making humans sick and get diseases and killing the living creatures of the oceans some that are in turn food for humans. Air pollution is one thing that is kind of uncontrollable. Due to the fossil fuels we burn everyday by driving a car. Overall I think the world has because a warmer unsafe place to live because so many people are either unaware of the damage their causing or they do not care.

The presentation from the visiting researcher, Carolin was to bring our attention to the industry of renting and trading clothes and garments. Personally I had never heard of this beyond renting really expensive fancy clothes such as tuxedos and prom or wedding dresses. Now days you can rent or trade any piece of casual clothing for everyday clothes.

In the interior design industry we have to focus on sustainable designs in everything we do. We have to be the ones to go through and say you need to use this material here because it will last the longest in these high used areas and be able to withstand great usage. Also now we are play a great part in dealing with air quality for an establishment. The air pollution from smoking cause go through the ventilation system and into the next area or room and cause contamination to other parts of the building that have been deemed nonsmoking areas or rooms. Another thing interior designers have to focus on preservation of historic buildings. When designing a new space in an existing building it is always good to leave some of the already existing structures within the building to know its original purpose and look.

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