Blog 1 – The journey starts now

The first day in class when we were asked to define what sustainability meant to us, I didn’t think it would be very hard to answer. But as the rest of the class began giving their definitions, I realized it was much more difficult to explain. Sustainability can be defined in many different ways. To me, something is sustainable if it does not harm the environment or use nonrenewable resources that cause long-term damage to the ecological balance. The second day of class we met with our learning communities to discuss the article Fashion and Sustainability by Stuart Walker. The article really goes into depth about what it would take to transform fashion into a truly sustainable industry. Fashion in itself is unsustainable, especially with the concept of fast fashion. Designers are constantly pressured to conform to the next season’s trends, and expected to do this at the lowest possible cost. Walker explains that for fashion to be sustainable, the designs are going to look different than the norm. Designers are now challenged with incorporating creativity into a sustainable design.

The documentary, the 11th Hour, really opened my eyes to how important sustainability is.  What stood out to me during the film was when they explained how the amount of people with chronic illnesses is already increasing, likely due to pollution of the air and water. Although the film showed us what could happen if we continued to live unsustainable lives, it also explained that this generation is the one that has the power to change the future of our environment.

The journey to living a sustainable life will definitely be a learning process, but I am already seeing how easy it is to just do it. Little things like recycling and turning off the lights when you leave a room actually do make a difference to the environment. I am intrigued by the way we can use nature as a guide to creating sustainable designs and am excited to learn more about living sustainably.

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