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To me, Sustainability is an idea or concept that we as a population should strive to prolong the existence of the Earth and its natural habitat. This can have many meanings and can take many directions depending on one’s discipline or profession. I feel like the vast majority of people would automatically assume that sustainability means “going green” or being a “tree-hugger”, but in actuality it can be as complex as the science in global warming or as simple as separating recyclables. In regards to my discipline, Apparel Design and Production, I would focus more on the sustainable practices within the manufacturing of garments which most people know as the term “Fast Fashion”. Although seemingly good for the consumer because of the low price, these garments are actually a poor choice for everyone involved. Issues occur at every stage in the process from poor quality of fabric  to poor working conditions in the factories to an increase in fabric waste and consumer waste when the next season arrives. This practice has deep roots embedded in the fashion industry today, but many people are starting to see the evils that come along as well. In the future, I would like to explore more about how I can incorporate sustainable practices into my industry. I would also like to look at companies that are industry leaders in sustainability and study their techniques and ways of doing business.

Watching the 11th hour was really interesting to see because it interviewed individuals from all disciplines who said essentially the same thing. With the way that the human race is living and at the current rate, future generations will cease to exist because the planet’s living conditions will change to one that does not support human life. This was a very heavy movie to watch, but one that needs to be seen.

Discussing the readings about the Dust Bowl and Easter Island just underscored the themes that were brought up in the 11th hour movie. They were just other examples in history where humans abused the land, and the land died out.

The Wild Things activity was fun because everyone got to think outside the box and without limits when it came to environmental changes that they would make. Seeing the different thoughts from groups of different majors was interesting because it really showed how different our ideas were.

I liked discussing the different topics with my group because we were for the most part, rather like minded. I enjoyed how we all interacted when we were in the brainstorming mood or when we were discussing the readings.

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