Mindful about Mindfulness

This week we learned all about mindfulness. Going into it, I knew a little something about mindfulness but had no idea how it related to sustainability. The reading “Mindfulness and Sustainability” provided some insight but I definitely learned a lot more through discussion. Then it came to apply mindfulness to ourselves. I had done some guided meditation in the past and I really enjoyed it but just never stuck with it so I was really excited to be reintroduced to it. I also didn’t realize that there were so many different ways that you could meditate. I honestly thought it was just focusing on the breath rather than the senses or love and kindness. I walked away from class feeling a lot better than I had going into it due to simple mindfulness. It’s really amazing what can happen when you simply just breathe and give yourself a minute dedicated to you.

The ”Taking Sides” reading was really interesting me. I had always felt strongly about our western values and globalization being a huge conflict with the bettering of the environment. Upon reading Jo Kwong’s view, I honestly started to change my mind. She provided some very good examples as to why globalization is vital to sustainability. As much as I hate to admit, my mind started to change. I felt that Erik Assadourian provided astounding facts and figures but for some reason, I didn’t think he did as good a job as Kwong did for the yes side. Reading aside, I still firmly believe that our western values do not coincide with sustainability and that something major has to change in order to even get close.

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