Mindful Environment??

Week two of my wicked class was very interesting. I learned all about mindfulness. I had no idea how meditation would tie into the whole environment scene. I was a little skeptical about it because I have never done anything having to do with meditation. I always thought it was disbelieving. We had an instructor come in.. she helped us explore our five senses. She guided us through the process and honestly this practice was the easiest one we did, in my opinion. When I had my eyes closed and she told us to listen to our surroundings, I thought it was crazy how much your mind blocks everything off when you don’t pay attention to it. I sort of felt like I was on a cloud, if that makes sense. Our next practice was giving love to somebody we love, somebody who did us wrong, and giving love to nature. Of course, giving love to somebody who you adore, which mine were my parents, was extremely easy. When it came down to someone who did us wrong, that was tough. We focus too much on the past and what has happened. We need to focus on now and just try to be happy and live in the moment. Giving love to nature was a little tough too because it’s pretty much like you’re talking to and or giving love to a plant. The practice that my mind kept wondering off in was watching the lit candle on the projector. My mind was racing the entire time. Altogether, this week taught me a lot. You can change the environment and how you treat it by having a mindful mind and being calm. For example, you can recycle or bring your own grocery bags from home instead of using plastic. But, the reason we don’t do all these things is because we’re lazy.

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