My first reaction..

The past four weeks of class have been enlightening. I have been opened up to a new idea on what sustainability means, and how important it actually affects our planet. After diving into lecture we were separated into groups to work on a worksheet that let each group define problems that we did or didn’t like, and then had other groups try to image a way of finding a solution that would be a sustainable fix to the problem. This made me realize that in each situation there is a solution that sometimes can just be a simple change in order to help enhance a sustainable life. The movie we watched in class also was a big eye opener for me. The facts and science that were given to us showing how rapidly the human existence can be extinguished was a scary thought. I really felt uneasy after leaving class knowing that how some of the things that I do in my everyday life increases the problems to non-sustainable way of living that the human population does. Carolin visited our class who is a researcher from Germany. Her research was very compelling. The trends of renting clothes actually are starting up here in America and I can see how this could be a sustainable option towards the apparel field. She also spoke on borrowing clothes or trading. This could also be another sustainable option. My only thought was how clean are these options? Are they sanitary enough for me to be able to bring these into my own home and actually wear on my body? It is a weird feeling for me to process the idea of wearing clothing that somebody else that I do not know has also worn. So far I have learned quite a bit of information from my learning community group. We have all seemed to have different ideas on sustainability and what it means to us individually. To me sustainability means a process of creating and enhancing the space or way of living by also enhancing the life of the environment. Meaning the way we live and go through our daily lives should be done in a manner that does not take such a toll onto the ecosystem. I hope to see more information about various topics within sustainability. I want to be able to more directly relate sustainability to my growth as an interior designer and how I can adjust the way design is being done today in a fashion that helps promote a more sustainable way of life for the users. The information gained from this class so far shows that I am heading down that path and I am excited to see the future of what else we will learn.

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