My Journey to Sustainability

Coming into this class I had no clue on what to expect. I know we touched on sustainability quite a bit in Creative Problem Solving, but I still felt as if I didn’t know that much about sustainability. I was excited about this class because I felt that it was going to be relatable, and push me to be more sustainable. I was right! Last semester I had a goal of one day starting my business someday, I have recently taken a step into accomplishing that goal. I opened an Etsy shop that is doing very well. I have received 40 orders and made over $850 these past two months. With all of these orders comes shipping, which is not so ecofriendly. I would love to incorporate what I learn in this class into my everyday life and most importantly my Etsy. I would love to find cheaper and more sustainable ways to ship my products to customers.

The 11th hour

I was not looking forward to this movie because it was the end of a long day and I was ready to be home, however I really enjoyed this movie. It really opened my eyes to how badly we are hurting this earth; the place that is naturally so beautiful, the place that we rely on to keep us alive. It’s sad that it is becoming unsafe to eat, drink, and even swim in things that were provided for us. This just goes to show how selfish the human race as a whole is. It’s time for us to wake up and change our unhealthy and unsustainable lifestyles.

Assigned Readings

So far I have not only learned about sustainability but it has opened my eyes to things that I have known about but never really thought about how badly the environment is being effected. One thing that has really opened my eyes was the Easter Island reading. I never really imagined earth as a whole running out of important resources that are essential for all living things, but it can and will happen if we don’t make a change. The fact that there has been a history of people dying because their resource’s had depleted and we have done nothing to change our lifestyles is scary. What is it going to take for us to wake up? After all we should all know by now that history truly does repeat itself.

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