My Sustainability Journey – Blog 1

To me, sustainability means finding new or innovative ways to do things that retain efficiency but are more environmentally friendly. I feel that sustainability is something that is often talked about, but rarely given action to because it’s seen as being a hassle, or out of our way. This is the first sustainability focused class I have taken in my education and I think it will be very interesting to see a fresh view of it, and see how it can relate to our career fields and how we can use it to make an impact in our future careers. I also am excited to learn what little things I can change in my day-to-day life that will be able to help make even a small impact.


I thought the Wild Thing exercise was really good way to look at the bigger picture and identify things that are making a positive impact or things that we might normally just ignore because it feels like its just “the way things are”. Which I feel like is one of the biggest issues with sustainability making progress, due to our tendency to ignore these major issues because it’s just “the way it’s always been” and feeling that we can’t make an impact, when with a little good design and innovation, we can.


I also am glad we got the opportunity to watch the movie the 11th Hour because it did a good job of showing us more about sustainability issues and their potential effects on the earth long-term. I feel that people need to be made more aware of these issues in a real way because we always hear about global warming and going green but not so often hear about the true underlying issues and the gravity of their potential effects on our planet.

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