Sustainability Through a 22 Year Old’s Eyes

When the word “sustainability is said, as a 22 year old student the thoughts that race to my mind are: “go green”, “solar panels, and recycle. Yet sustainability is so much more than that. I believe sustainability provides a solution to avoid depletion of natural resources. That is why I loved doing the Wild Things exercise. It allowed my brain to expand on solutions to avoid any kind of depletion of natural resources. I loved seeing the many different solutions and imagination that people in the groups before me thought of just because they took the time to actually brainstorm on this issue and they were given no boundaries! I was made very aware of many more issues involving sustainability while watching the 11th hour movie. I had an euphony when I heard the saying, “We ARE nature!” We can change the course of sustainability by brainstorming new ideas, just like we did with the Wild Things exercise! I noticed that Carolin exercised this action of brainstorming new ideas and putting them into place to avoid depleting our natural resources by her sewing repair café. Carolin, unlike some of us, is taking part in the statement, “We are nature”! I feel like the Easter Island and Okies story were so relevant for us today, except we DO have the technology that they did not have. This is a major opportunity for us to take advantage in expanding sustainability. We also have the knowledge that the people on the island did not have. Environmentally Healthy Interiors was a very interesting and helpful article. It allowed me to see the different products that could harm our environment and it also helped me broaden my knowledge in sustainability for interiors. I am excited to continue this class and learn more about what I can do as an interior designer to help and provide better options of sustainability. I also look forward to expanding different ideas with my learning community.

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