These past two weeks I have learned more about sustainability and ways that our environment is suffering from people who are carelessly using materials that are harming our environment. To put the definition of sustainability into my own words I would have to say that it is finding different methods to become economically friendly; to find different uses for materials instead of just throwing them away. Being in this class it has led me to think in a more sustainable way rather than be careless with things like water bottles and clothes I no longer wear. After talking with my community and learning more about how our earth is being affected by our choices and I would like to start trying to make a difference in the world. Even if at first it is just me I would like to start making a positive difference in the world and I believe that starting with becoming more sustainable in my life it can help influence others to do the same. While working on the Wild Things assignment in class I have learned to think more outside of the box and I believe that my learning community has helped me grow in my imagination. The 11th Hour definitely put things into perspective and to really think about the problems we are facing like global warming and how there soon will not be any ice burgs. Or the serious amount of pollution we have in the world is harming to our lungs. One of my favorite classes so far was listening to Caroline give us her presentation. I find it so neat that they would teach sewing at places people go to hang out at so that they can reuse their clothes instead of throwing them away and buying more items. What I got from reading the articles assigned to us is that there are many ways to be sustainable in our everyday lives and the point I found to be the most interesting and relatable to my major was find different ways to use your old clothes; to think outside of the box and use the materials for other things. For an example: you can use an old shirt that is worn out and use it has a pillow case or even make a blanket out of all of your old clothes and it will serve another purpose and it would be beneficial to you and to the earth.

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