Turning Waste into…

During these past lectures, I learned a lot what sustainability was about more in detail. At first, I thought that sustainability was just finding other ways to fuel our cars and electricity when in fact it is much more. I learned that there are many people that are finding new ways to recycle waste not just for fuel, but for clothing and housing too. To me sustainability is turning what is deemed waste into something useful. It is making what is one’s trash into treasure. Along with my learning community, I learned that everyone has the same goals when it came to doing the Wild Things worksheet. Meaning that we want a cleaner earth and to find ways that is continent for everyone else to join us on this movement.

After watching the 11th hour movie, it talked about how much energy and fuel we consume and how little we once did. It also mentioned that the need to find more efficient ways to produce energy so we do not run out is urgent. Finding new ways to build houses that are solar powered was presented during the film and how the materials to make the house were also sustainable.

Reading fashion sustainability both mentioned that fashion plays a major role in our culture. Because fashion can change so quickly, remanufacturing clothing could be the solution to reduce wasted materials and clothing that ends up in landfills. Also, the reading encourages us to hang dry our clothing instead of drying them in the dryer. I would be interested in trying to hang dry my clothing, if I did not live in an apartment complex. I really enjoyed when our guest speaker mentioned that they are putting together a class to teach people how to sew buttons on clothing and doing simple repairs.

Reflecting on Easter Island, it is just kind of an eye opener that even though we have more technology than they did, we still have the same problem. Meaning, that with the population growing we are not being aware what the growth is doing to the land, which is causing most of our climate change.

I can see myself committing to a sustainable habit by recycling my clothes more that I do not wear often, as they should be by donating them.

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