Wishing Wellness Instead of Worry

I thought the classes we had the past week were incredibly interesting. One thing that really stuck with me is the concept of mindfulness. To me, mindfulness is pretty much being aware of your self and surroundings. It can also be a form of meditation. During one of our classes, we did a little mindfulness meditation, and I found it intriguing. Just getting a little taste of what it means to be mindful made me really want to dig deeper and find out more about it.

During our mindfulness session, I noticed several things about myself that I hadn’t thought about before. First, I noticed how quiet everything was and I found that I kept wanting to make noise by popping my fingers or tapping my pencil. I’ve never really been a big fan of the quiet, and I think practicing mindfulness can really help me to enjoy the still moments of life a little more.

I also noticed my different reactions to the types of scenarios being explained. In the first scenario, we were told to think of someone we loved and tell them how much we loved them. This was easy and pleasant for me, and it made me feel happy and at peace. However, by the end of the session I was an emotional wreck. One of the last things we were told to do was to think of ourself, and then tell us to love ourself and wish wellness and happiness upon ourself. This made me kind of start to tear up and I realized that, for most of us, the hardest thing to overcome is ourself. We put all these negative thoughts and doubts on ourself: things that probably aren’t even true, and yet they make our lives so much worse. If we could just take the time to look inside our mind to see what’s really going on, and make sure that we are wishing ourself wellness instead of worry, then life wouldn’t be near as hard.

One thing that really blows my mind is that studies have shown that mindfulness can actually improve your overall well-being and health. No medicines, no crazy diets, just a simple shift in mindset can dramatically improve your life.

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