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Honestly, I thought that sustainability was just something that people talked about but never actually did anything about. I figured that there were a select few that recycled and only washed their clothes by hand. When I think of hardcore sustainability I think of people literally living in the woods and building huts out of recycled things and never shaving. The wild thing exercise was interesting because of all the different ideas that people had about being sustainable. It was a good experience overall, I learned a lot. The 11th hour video had my attention the entire time because I never realized how much the environment is changing because of us. The future generation is going to be in some big trouble if we keep living the way that we are. Easter Island and the Okies story is interesting they caused the issues that hit them. Just like today, we are using all of the resources and if we aren’t using them we re destroying them. We are destroying nature and that is causing nature to fight back and it’s starting to destroy us. I learned that environmentally health interiors could start with building Green houses. Make it better for the environment and not use too much electricity or fossil fuels while building. I have contemplated on my sustainable journey and I have started to recycle bottles. I plan on widening my horizons to sustainability to make sure that I am one of the people that can make a change to the future.

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