Money, Money, Money

This week was something more than just absorbing a lesson plan and lectures. I was able to connect what I had learned with my interests and passion, fashion merchandising. Many times, people will interpret the fashion industry as something just visual. However, there is way more to it than just putting on clothing that makes you feel confident. Through this week I have learned about sustainability and wicked problems.

In my opinion, there is nothing wrong with the culture of fashion. I see that there are issues, and a wicked problem when there are habits that become wasteful and hurtful to the economy. This tends to happen when there is the greed for profits and title. It is crucial to have the understanding that natures resources are not abundant, in fact they are limited. The fashion industry is always changing, which makes it difficult for participants of the fashion industry to succeed with such urgent matters.

To dig a little deeper in terms of fashion merchandising itself, it is immensely challenging to stay up to date with the field. The consumers, policies, governmental regulations, budgets, and resources all come into play. This makes it difficult to be sustainable in this industry, which makes it a wicked problem. No matter which direction you go with trying to solve this wicked problem, there are other people and cultures that interfere with coming up with a potential solution.

It was interesting to learn what the fashion industry has to offer, and that it isn’t all easy. There will be challenges in any industry one may go in to.

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