Poor but not unworthy

How does it make sense that the people who work the most get paid the least? In the second meeting this week we focused a lot on this subject. I personally struggle with understanding the fairness of this but also see how it  makes sense in the grand scheme of society. Like I mentioned in class, the “new normal” society that we’ve evolved to is very money driven. Whether it be big companies or individuals, the general way of thinking is “more is better.”

We were also asked if we saw it possible for poverty to be done away with. I strongly disagree with that possibility. Fair or not, there will always be a lower class. I do not think poverty is a decision but individuals in most cases can do things to get themselves out of it. However, we as a society are very reliant on the lower, poverty classes for most of the things we use in our daily life.

That last point is very interesting to me because people in poverty could not get out of poverty on their own, money is, in all cases, a necessity for the solution. I guess it is a wicked problem because how can we find a solution to poverty when we have to have a lower class but they have to have the upper class to get away from their misfortunes. I guess I’m leaving this week with a really good grasp on the situation but not even the slightest clue on what we learned from that because a realistic solution is so unclear if not impossible.

In closing, I also found our discussion about fashion very interesting this week. Fashion is connected to poverty because a lot of the workforce that makes items in the fashion industry are those in lower income, poverty situations. I think some of the lessons we learned from the reading about fashion and innovation could play a part of at least improving the quality of life for lower income families. In fashion, the big companies look to their consumers to see what they want. If poverty stricken individuals would take that and go to the big companies, just like consumers, then maybe the money aspect of improving their lives could be a lot easier accessed because you can’t receive what you don’t at least ask for.

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One Response to Poor but not unworthy

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    Excellent reflection!

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