Fashion is Bad

Coming into this past week, I felt dazed and confused. Usually I understand the readings completely but, there was something about Thursdays reading that added many questions in my head. The question of if poverty is to blame for globalization degradation didn’t stick well with me. When I was reading, I understood both sides of the arguments.

We also touched on our final projects. My final project is over fashion consumption but focusing more towards the disposal process. I read an article that stated apparel is at its lowest cost and so retail stores tend to buy more. Consumers purchase these products and then when the trend is out of season or they become old and torn, there are people who just throw away their clothing rather than doing something about it. Reading about this issue and then hearing others problems made me realize how little knowledge our world has. We are in a generation of technology and yet we don’t know much about our resources around us. In class, there was a question; “Is fashion bad?” I had to sit and think to myself. I didn’t understand why fashion would be bad. Fashion allows individuals to be themselves in a creative way. Then we discussed and I realized that yes, fashion allows us to be creative, but also it can hurt us. As mentioned before, consumers do not have the knowledge of fashion disposal, which makes me excited to do more research on this topic.

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3 Responses to Fashion is Bad

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    I would like to hear more about what you appreciated about both sides of the poverty argument?

  2. lifeinstyle23 says:

    @drcosette What I appreciated most about the “No” argument is that there are people who are poor but are still trying to make it through their everyday lives. In class, someone made the point that their family worked in the labor field making less but working harder rather than the intelligence side where they tend to make more sitting at a desk. I understand where she is coming from but then this also leads to the “yes” argument where I believe you work for what you get. If you are wealthy, I believe it is up to them to use the money how they intend to because it is theirs. Overall, I understood both arguments but am still undecided on which side I stick with.

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