Wicked Week Three!!

I’m finally getting in a routine and feeling more at home here at OSU. I’m learning so much and meeting so many people from all over the world! In Dr. Armstrong’s class this week, we are exploring opposite ends of the affect people have on the environment.  The wealthy, their fads and spending habits and how sustainable that is vs the poor and their effect on environmental degradation.  All of those have negative environmental impacts.  I think the lesson learned on all of this is responsibility.  We need to live responsible lives.  We are responsible for our own actions, and if we don’t consider what we are doing to the environment today, we may not have a tomorrow to worry about. We all need to work to educate each other. This is all very scary to me.  The mindful practice at the beginning of each class is a great way to start and clear my mind.

I’m excited about what I’m learning and how it applies to me and my living habits. I find myself thinking about the cause and effect of my actions more now than ever.  I sat down multiple times throughout the week researching and breaking down the investigative report we are having to do for our final project. Breaking into groups on Thursday really helped to clarify all the questions I might have had. We broke down the six characteristics of a wicked problem as a group and left feeling a little more confident to do our research. It was interesting to hear all the other topics my classmates were researching. The more I studied, the more I found just how interesting these wicked problems really can be. It leaves me feeling a little confused each time but I know it wouldn’t be a true wicked problem if it didn’t. It’s all starting to pull together, and I’m ready to move deeper into the project as next week rolls around. Tonight I’m going to start the reading “Does the Market Work Better Than Government at Transitioning to Sustainability” and writing my reading report. I’m excited to see what the last week of the Wicked Problems course has in store for me.

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One Response to Wicked Week Three!!

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    You have framed our two discussions of the week in a very interesting way! Good job!

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