An End is Near! (To the class anyways)

This class has definitely taken some getting used to and right as I am starting to get used to it, it is coming to an end! Coming into class knowing that I get to take even just a short 10 minutes to myself to practice mindfulness is such a relief. I know catch myself meditating multiple times a day, whether is while I’m on my way to class, taking a shower, or unfortunately while I’m sitting in other boring classes like history. As I have stated before I walked into this class 100% clueless, but now I have such a better understanding of so many things going on in this world. At the beginning of this semester I didn’t even know what sustainability was and now I’m finding myself trying to force my 3 other roommates into a more sustainable life style!

This week we really focused on the two articles about fashion and poverty. I really connected with the article about poverty, because this is something I have felt strongly about for years now. I come from a family where we are told to do what we love and not what we hate to make money even if that means we don’t make the best salary. My mom and my dad is a nurse so I see this first hand every day and always have. They both work harder than any of my friends’ parents and have more strenuous hours and hard labor yet they make way less than any of my friends’ parents which I never understood. Hard labor is so underestimated and underpaid and I could go on for days about this, but I can put it for you here in one sentence. Why does someone who sits at a desk moving nothing but their fingers make 5 times the amount of someone putting strenuous damage on their body each and every day because they work so hard?

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