Blog 2

Blog 2 Kayla Pinard

This past weeks lectures were interesting because I enjoyed learning about biomimicry and how we are affected by it. Biomimicry is when you use your surroundings such as nature/environment to create more sustainable designs. I also enjoyed reading about the man who can meditate and create new designs within his mind. The titanic article was interesting to read about because of how people were predicting it years before it happened. And they understand that using up our natural resources will eventually destroy our world. Our wild things concept that we worked on last was creating a drone that recycles. Essentially it would go around collecting all the recyclables and discard them properly. I somewhat enjoyed the in class meditation because I couldn’t actually focus on meditating and the environment was distracting. But I really enjoyed the TED talk over biomimicry and how they found design solutions using animals and plants. I would have never thought about using them like that but when they explained each part it was very fascinating. When we were asked to work on the activity, we worked backwards and found an animal and tried to solve a design problem. It was difficult in a sense because we worked backwards but eventually found one that would work for our problem. Overall this weeks topics were interesting and I have enjoyed learning about it.

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