Blog 2

I would say the first couple weeks of class have definitely been an eye opening for me on the world of sustainability and how important it is. This week I felt like the topic went a little deeper with the article about Titanic and how they think we are going down just like the titanic did. I don’t exactly agree with that but I do think some changes need to be made in order to make the world a better and safer place to live longer.

Material usage and waste is a big think in the interior design industry. In our group this week we found some interesting materials that are a lot more sustainable than what we use currently. We found that tree bark absorbs heat and could possibly be a great material to use on roofs if someone were to figure out a way to make it into a good material that could within the weather for roofs. We thought another major problem we see today is air pollution. This is a little bit harder to maintain because it is so easy to contaminate the air. This is defiantely something we do every day.

Titanistad was referring to the metaphor between titanic and the world. In the article they talk about how they think we have reached the global capacity for planet earth. It gives reference to how the Titanic was supposed to be “unsinkable” and the notorious slave ship amistand to get tianistad. They represents the higher class people on the top decks and middle class people in the middle and lower class people on the lowest decks of the ship. So when the ship starting sinking the first class people were obviously saved first and most of the lowest class was not saved at all, jumped ship, or went down with the ship. It states that we are basically taking money from the poor and giving it to the rich to keep the world going. We will eventually run out of the earth’s resources to fuel off of.

Futurist was all about our thoughts on the future of the world. The future of the world lies in the hands of us and our future generations. The more we encourage creativity the more innovation we will get and the more future possibilities we can bring to the table.

For our wild things design concept we took the idea of community garage sales to a whole new level. We wanted to make reselling and reusing things something more people are not only aware of but actually something people want to partake in. We thought of the idea to make a huge conference of combined people who are willing to participate in the garage sale and get together for everyone to be able to sell their goods to a lot of people together. We also made it something available in smaller communities as well.

The in class meditation reflection really made me think about my future.  When he asked us to look into the mirror and see ourselves in the future I could do it. I know what I want my future to look like and now all I have to do it make it happen. I know we all need to be more aware of sustainability because if we are not we might destroy the world so much we will never have a future like the ones we imaged that day.

Biomimicry TED talk was how to use biomimicry in action. Biomimicry is taking natural and mimicking it through sustainable design to help the world become a better place. It took ideas such as imitating the shell of a bug to help with future cars so that we can reduce the amount of accidents and taking the properties of a leaf and making paint or other exterior finishes out of that same property so it is able to wick off the water and clean itself.

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