Blog 2

The most interesting thing that caught my eye last week was the Biomimicry talk. Personally, I have always looked at nature for inspiration to make things. I believe that nature can solve all of our problems we just need to trust that it will work. I think it was funny when Janine Benyus said that when her engineers went snorkeling, they saw that nature has solved something that they worked on their entire life. People can be so narrow minded, if they just expand their mind and look at nature for answers, many issues of the world would not exist. The TED talk was inspiring. One nature inspired idea is the Green Chemistry. A spider’s web is a perfect example of nature’s chemistry. If we could grasp that concept in the form of a rope, then our ropes would last longer and be much stronger for their use. This is an example of our industrial chemistry with nature’s recipe. Biomimicry is a really amazing concept. Fashion is starting to refer to nature by using materials that will last until their purpose is over and also growing their own clothes. Clothing designs are also inspired by colors, shapes and textures. is a really informative site. Janine Benyus worked on this site using engineers and nature. The exercise that we did was fun. I enjoyed trying to find a problem and then having this site solve the problem with nature. My group and I thought of a roof that reduces heat and cools the building without using energy. pulled up tree bark. Bark is a natural cooling system for the tree. This might sound strange, but if you walk up to a tree and touch the bark, it is cooler. If we as designers could harness this concept, then the energy of air conditioning would over all be lower.

As a catalyst, my role is to inspire other designers and people to be greener and to learn to love the Earth and the things living in it. Change starts with one person and when one person acts, it is a chain reaction. The world faces the problem of hunger and starvation and this is present in the United States. If the government passed a law that says schools, restaurants, and other programs as such has to serve the left overs to the hungry, the hunger rate would decrease and the food would not be wasted and it becomes more sustainable. In this situation, the government is the catalyst and they can make that change.

The three articles were interesting to read. The one that I was interested in the most was the Titanistad because it relates to our future. As the ship hit the ice burg, it started to fill with water and no one could escape it, even the upper classes. I can relate this to the world today because we are running out of resources and fossil fuels and eventually, the upper class will struggle and sink with the rest of the economy. The cartoonist was a new outlook for creativity. I like that he uses different products as inspiration to create new crazy, unique products. The idea of the Parka Place was really creative and could actually be practical.

The mediation was weird for me to be honest. I did however, think a little about my future in 20 years and I liked what I thought about. It was a nice time to reflect on my life, relax and think about what I can do now to make my future better. I love being sustainable and having the time to reflect on my life will help me have better ideas to improve on being a more sustainable person.

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