Blog 2

In class this week, I enjoyed looking deeper into the problems with sustainability in interior design. We briefly talked about self-narratives, and how change starts with me! It is important to look at the triple bottom line, people, planet, and profit to help develop our own story. We need to look at nature as income rather than as an asset to be used.

On Tuesday, my learning community discussed problems with Interior Design sustainability and analyzed the key catalyst and designer’s job in addressing these issues. Our group, talked about Indoor Air Quality/Sick Building Syndrome, LEED accreditation, and historical restoration. It was interesting to find who the catalyst was, however for the designer’s job, we most often just realized that if the designer did their job correctly with research and following codes, the sustainability side should be covered. I guess this means that designers should look more toward innovative solutions for sustainability since we are already regulated to create environments that meet the basic needs of being sustainable!

The articles for this week, (Titanistad, Futurist & Cartoonist) seemed very odd to me. They brought up topics and connections that I had not considered before, which were very interesting. I found the basic idea of the articles true – such as looking ahead and toward a future can help prevent disaster – but the in-depth writings of the Futurist and Cartoonist articles were more passionate about their topics than I was.

For the last stage of the Wild Things concept, my learning community and I designed an app that stores can directly submit receipts to. There are already apps that you can scan receipts into, but our solution would be paired with the store so that after your purchase, the cashier would ask if you wanted the receipt printed, emailed, or sent to your receipt app. Having an app that organized receipts and was easily sent too could help reduce receipt paper waste.

When we meditated in class, I was a little apprehensive as to what that would entail, but I actually thoroughly enjoyed the exercise. As we imagined our lives in the future, I did not focus so much on what sustainable innovations were in the world around me, but I focused more on the people that were in my life and the home environment I wanted to live in. I had never before imagined myself as a 41 year old, but thinking of myself that age and the people I had around me, gave me motivation to see what I could do today to preserve the world and make that scenario I had imagined come true.

During the TED talk on biomimicry, I really enjoyed the story about the engineers concerns with the scaling inside of water pipes, and how they were able to look at natural sea shell development for solution. There seem to be many different possibilities of helping create a sustainable world just by looking at what the world does naturally. These points were supported by the information I had gathered from the Biomimicry article we read for class as well. I think there is great opportunity for adjusting our artificial methods of living to be a little more natural and more sustainable.

The activity was extremely interesting. I was completely unaware that there was a site that could connect problems to how nature solves problems as well! We looked at the bird respiratory system and how it has different sacs and such to clean the air they breathe, which could then be translated into creating better indoor air quality for interiors. I think this site has great opportunity for solving many issues we come across in the world today!

Overall, I enjoyed the content we discussed this week, and believe I was introduced to a different perspective on sustainability.

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