Last week already?!?!

To start the class off, we sat still and listened to a meditation app. It was honestly kind of difficult this time because of the lady’s voice in the app. It was so creepy sounding so that threw me off. Plus, the water in the background was hilarious too cause I kept wondering how all of that came to be. Once I got over that, I started to just listen and I sort of got into it but my mind kept racing. Meditation really sounds interesting to me, I just wish I could forget about everything for a little while.

After meditation, we all scooted our chairs to the front so we can line ourselves up for the “yes” or “no” discussions. I was in the middle but leaning more towards the no because poor people don’t have the power that the upper class does. Poor people work so hard at their jobs while they barely get paid any money while an upper class sits on a desk and gets paid a lot of money. It’s not really fair.

We also got the chance to talk more about the wicked problems in our field of study. Mine is fashion so it was really interesting to me. Getting in groups made things a whole lot easier for me because we all had the same questions and were just confused about this whole report and about  the characteristics. We talked more about what the 6 characteristics were and one of my friends suggested on what I could write about and how I can put it together.

This is our last week in this class and I am so glad I got to learn things I never even took the time to think about. This class made me get out of my comfort zone for sure. I was scared going into it but I’m leaving happy and more knowledgable.

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One Response to Last week already?!?!

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    I’m glad you have been able to explore these ideas and get out of your comfort zone!

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