Sustainability comes with a price

This week during class, we had a taking sides reading asking the question if poverty is responsible for global environmental degradation. I personally think that people in poverty are the ones directly causing harm to the environment but only because that is what their jobs are. People in poverty are the ones that are working in areas of agriculture, mining, and forestry and those are the industries that cause harm to the environment. I don’t think that the people in poverty are responsible for all of the harm to the environment, I think it is the exact opposite. I think the wealthy people are the cause of environmental degradation because they are the ones who over consume and are the ones in charge of the industry workers.

Another reading we focused on this week would be an article over fashion and sustainability. This reading talked about if fashion could be sustainable and if it was even necessary. Fashion is a form of being able to express yourself visually and people’s style can change which leads to the question of if fashion is wasteful. Fashion is wasteful but can be fixed by using sustainable materials. Clothes go in and out of style and that means clothes start to be wasted. The materials that are often sustainable are sometimes not the cutest, but that is something that is working on being changed. A solution to helping fashion become more sustainable would be to make companies become more local but that will most likely drive prices up.

Through this class I have slowly started to fully understand what a wicked problem is and how it relates to our field of Design. There are multiple ways to fix a problem but the solution one may have may not work for another and I think that is what this week’s readings were about and what I took away from them.


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One Response to Sustainability comes with a price

  1. Dr. Joyner Armstrong says:

    I’m glad you are gaining some flexibility as you think about various solutions! Walker was talking about fashion as a concept of constant change. Not necessarily as trends or clothing. In industrial practice, we use as a powerful ingredient to move goods (for better or worse).

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