This week we discussed many of the problems and challenges with sustainability. We all know that we need to be more sustainable and if we want to see change then we need to be the change. Sustainability is not something that can be achieved over night, it is a work in progress. We need to stop treating nature badly as if it is not here to help us survive and implement nature into future designs.

I can sit here and say that I want to live in a more sustainable environment all day, but I can honestly say that I am not doing anything to be more sustainable. There a simple things that I can do as a start to becoming sustainable, such as using reusable water bottles, shopping bags, walking more places rather than driving, or the most common sustainable practice, recycling. I must start practicing sustainability if I want to live in a healthier environment. Making other people aware of the lack of sustainability on this earth does nothing if I’m not practicing what I am preaching.


While all of the articles were very different they were very similar in many ways. They all made me take a look at my life. All of the articles focused on looking into future. Looking at the future through a cartoonist’s eyes focused more on coming up with new inventions, no matter how unrealistic they may sound. Thinking ahead stressed the importance of thinking about your future positively. You should really try to be an optimistic person, putting out positive energy will only make for a better outcome and negative thinking can lead to depression. Abandoning Ship compared today’s society to the titanic. People believed the titanic was unsinkable, like many people in this day and age believes that this earth is invincible, and boy are they wrong. We need to change our lifestyle if we don’t want to “sink” just like the titanic did.

Wild Things design concept

The Wild Things exercise was cool and funny to see what kinds of wild ideas that the other groups had come up with. Ideas may seem silly at first but once coming up with ideas for others silly needs or wants you realize that great ideas can generate off of these “silly” desires. Once we got to the last step it seemed as if the once silly idea seemed to be something that could happen realistically.

In-class meditation 

I thought the in class meditation was going to be kind of silly, but I was wrong. I really enjoyed meditating. This past week was such a stressful week, between the many homework assignments, 2 projects and all of my Etsy orders that needed to be made and sent out. Meditation is just what I needed. While meditating I was envisioning what my future had in store for me. I saw myself married to by boyfriend of 4 years, with children and both of us running a successful business. We have both started running separate business, which are going very well. Meditating gave me hope for the future and something to be excited about and look forward to. I really liked meditating and plan to incorporate it into my daily routine.

Biomimicry TED talk

I enjoyed Janine Benyus’ TED talks that we watched in creative problem solving, so I knew that I would really enjoy this one. Janine stressed the importance of learning things from nature and applying it to future designs. She is so passionate about sustainability and biomimicry, it makes me even more interested in it.

Discussion on the Biomimicry

I enjoy the discussions on the readings, especially since this class is at the end of a long day for me. I really enjoyed this discussion because out of all of the things that I have learned about, biomimicry is one of the coolest things that you have introduced me to last semester. activity

Despite the fact that my group and I didn’t quite do this assignment right, by not focusing on our field it was still interesting listening to what the other groups had to say. I thought the idea about the burial suits were, even though it can be a sensitive and controversial subject. I never knew that this website existed and wish that I would have found out about it sooner, it could have helped me in previous classes.

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