Biomimicry in Everyday Life

This week’s lectures have been my favorite so far this semester. In the world of sustainability, I think my favorite aspect is biomimicry. I think it is a fascinating concept and I love learning all the different ways that we can be more sustainable by mimicking nature. Janine Benyus is a huge inspiration to me, and I envy how well she knows biomimicry and all the things that are attainable through biomimicry. I really enjoyed watching her first TED talk in problem solving and I did not know that she had done a second one. I found both of them to be extremely educating and interesting. She has a way of making biomimicry seem really exciting, which I think is crucial because it will probably take some time before people really get on board with the idea of biomimicry. This week was the second time I have used the website, and both times I have thought that I wish I used it more. Hopefully in the future I will begin to use it more.

I think there are many ways in which we can bring about change to sustainability issues, but to me the key thing that needs to be accomplished is making people understand the severity of the issue. Just this past weekend I was talking to a friend about this course and was explaining to her why I have to take it and what its purpose is (she is in a major that does not have to worry about sustainability) and she was shocked and confused why we need to worry about it. To me, this seemed strange that she knew hardly anything about the issues the earth is facing, but then I realized that it makes total sense because no one is teaching her. I asked her what her reservation was for living a more sustainable life and her response was “I am just one person, I wouldn’t make an impact, so I might as well just keep living the way I do.” I then told her that it was that mindset that was going to destroy the earth (just kidding, I was not that harsh, but I did tell her that she CAN make a difference).

In my opinion, the last page of the wildest thing worksheet was the most fun. It allowed us to think creatively and outside of the box. It was interesting to see what other groups thought were “wild and crazy” ideas for how to fix the sustainability issue that was at stake. I really like that we got to see so many different ideas as the papers were passed around the room because it gave us the opportunity to see what other classmate’s thought were the most pressing issues in sustainability. Along with this, in this week’s reading I thought it was inspiring to hear what my classmates thought and shared about the articles. My favorite of the articles was the cartoonists. I thought it was interesting to hear all the different ways that he finds inspiration and is able to advance his creativity. I also thought it was inspiring that he was so motivated to always have a way to jot down ideas and thoughts, even if he was driving or walking down the street. I think I could be better at making sure that my creativity isn’t passed up by the chaos of my day to day life.

I really enjoyed the in class meditation activity. I thought it was a great way to get the whole class to just relax and take a break. Last week I was in the middle of a really huge project so for me the activity was a much needed break. I thought it was interesting that we were thinking of ourselves in 20 years (that would make me 43) because that is not a phase of life I think about very often. There is still a lot of uncertainty about where I will be even in the next couple of years so it is pretty hard for me to imagine where my life will be in 20 years. It was interesting though to see what my immediate thoughts were when each question was asked because it showed me where my subconscious believes I will be in 20 years. I think this is an activity that should be done more often because it forces us to release our stress even for just a little while.

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