Blog 2

Blog 2

We view nature as an income rather than an asset.

Thinking ahead article

Future consciousness is the images in our brain and experiences that humans use to understand and deal with the future. Our perception of time, along with change and stability of patterns and rhythms are how we become aware of the future. It is important to have foresight, which is the ability to imagine the future. It is also very important to have a good mind set about your future. Seligman said that pessimistic thinking is largely at fault for depression. People who believe that they can do many things will have the best goals and the persistence and drive to achieve them. We must also change our ways of thinking and think outside the box because if we don’t we will be stuck in the past.

Abandoning ship

In this article they compared the Dark Age that we are living in to the titanic; both were thought to be “unsinkable.” There are people living up top, lavishly and happily, and then there are people on the bottom in harsh living conditions. Once the ship hit the iceberg someone had to decide to stop managing the water, and abandoning ship instead, and to get everyone life boats. In our world our life boats are communities that can survive off of the land, and without the global money economy. Jumping ship most importantly means changing the ways we think and live, living for the environment rather than the corporate economy.

Looking at the future through a cartoonist’s eyes

Steven M Johnson talked about his journey of becoming a futurist in this article. Johnson started as an assistant urban planner working for a regional planning firm. Johnson enjoyed drawing creative cartoons, and ended up drawing strange and comical RV models in the futurist magazine which were referred to as “the future of the recreational vehicle.” Johnson found that he had a self taught ability to invent new products.


Biomimicry is the act of looking to nature for the answers on how to do different things in a sustainable way that won’t harm the ecosystem. Our society is trying to do things in ways that are non-efficient and harmful to the environment. We’ve even learned how to better sanitize hospitals from the shark. If we start doing things like nature does than we can live congruently with nature and not deplete all of our natural resources. Biomimicry is now being taught as an area of expertise in colleges, as well as being taught to young children so they can grow up thinking in that light.

Janine Benyus ted talk

They want a biologist to sit at the design table, and the designers to go out into the natural world with a design task. She talked about how we need to learn an idea from an organism and apply it. A problem brought up was the mineral build up and scaling in pipes. She picked up a shell and said what is this shell made up of, it was calcium and carbonate. The ocean creates shells out of those same materials. They asked what stops the scaling of shells, and a product called TPA was created mimicking that protein in the ocean to stop scaling in a sustainable way. These people then realized that there are organisms out there that have figured out what biologists spend their whole lives trying to figure out. We’ve learned from the bumps on whales’ fins to use on planes to increase efficiency by 32%.

Key catalyst to bring about sustainability problems is running everything on coal and oil. My role in this is to drive as little as possible. My roomates and I use public transportation since those busses are going anyways, we are better off using those than adding more pollution to the air and using more gas by driving our own cars. I think recycling is huge too. Recycling allows us to stop wasting so many materials.

Wild things concept from class last step: we decided to create windmills for all homes and businesses. We drew a concept that had the windmill attached to a generator in the home or business to conserve energy. There are already windmills in certain places but they don’t have different sizes for different environments like backyards.

For our Ask activity we talked about how bats have a type of venom that can help stop blood clots. Blood clots and heart attacks are huge problems in people everywhere. If we could figure out the compounds that bats use then we could possibly have a break through in medicine and help save more lives.


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