Blog 2:

In Class Lectures

I had no idea that those simple, everyday quotes had an actual “title” to them. The Titanic Syndrome is one I am very familiar with, especially when it came to my circle of friends and outsiders from that circle- high school more clearly. When someone would get in trouble and they were the only ones who got caught, but you were there with them, and they say “We’re all going down anyway, so I might as well go first class”, basically saying I’m going to take you down with me. I would hate being thrown under the bus going through the stages of friendship and finding out who are your real friends and who would ride or die for you. I don’t see any goals arising from this type of thinking, a rule I see is that when that person gets in trouble they want to make sure that everybody involved gets in trouble and that would also be the explanation of the pattern- you would consistently be consistent at taking people down with you.

I definitely had a little laugh when I read the Social Trap, “It doesn’t make any difference what I do because nobody else is doing it or everybody else is doing it so why shouldn’t I?” It definitely reminds me of myself now as well as my younger days growing up. I’m in college and I still say this line to have as much acceptance of what I’m doing or not doing as the next person. To me it’s all a learning perspective, you have to follow to learn how to lead, but learn how to lead to follow. There’s a time and a place for everything. If I see somebody else doing what I believe isn’t supposed to be done, but they aren’t getting in trouble for it or have any consequences then I’m going to talk myself into doing the same thing. You do form a pattern of learning how to think logically- but in more of a deep thought about it. For me, I will deep think before I just vastly make the decision, but seeing someone else do it before it does make the decision time faster and easier.

I can say my beliefs and assumptions have changed in a significant way over the past year honestly. Just making better decisions and being more in tune with my true self made me realize that some disconnections can bless your life. Being initiated into a sorority and dropping/loosing friends, and having had relationship problems most definitely prompted the change and initiated the self-narrative shift. Some people see it as a bad thing, but I see it as a good thing because when you are truly who you are and you know who you want to be you wouldn’t let anybody or any damn thing to stand in the way. Change is always good and there will always be room for improvement in your life.

Change for Sustainability (Changes to sustainability in merchandising)

Second to oil, fashion and textiles is the most polluting industry in the world. Every stage in a garment’s life threatens our planet and resources. Up to 8,000 different chemicals are used to turn raw materials into clothes, including dyeing and all the finishing processes. I feel that the Fashion Merchandising chain could be more sustainable by finding industry leaders that have the courage to be more transparent- make their businesses more transparent on beginning to change where and how their products are made. Merchandising could also support smaller fashion brands since those type of brands are miles ahead of big businesses when it comes to sustainability. They could also pack smarter when it comes to their company as well as think more like a consumer- listen to the customer, they have solutions and methods that will be still tied to the same notion; trends may shift and of course consumer preferences may change. Maybe finding a way or an idea/concept for material/fabric waste instead of the landfill.


I thought it was very interesting and a bit kind of an insult from the author how that he compared a ship that had passengers on it who were having a good time, had no worries, all the money in the world and compared it to a slave ship. Those two ships should not ever be compared, not even in the same sentence because Amistad has no comparison. Titantic was some ship that people were on vacation for, Amistad was a ship that brought over slaves- the slaves had no choice, they were forced, they lived in the most miserable and inhumane conditions known to man. The people on Titanic died because the sailor or whomever wasn’t paying attention and didn’t see the iceberg- oh my gosh what a tragedy to those. (please sense the sarcasm in my voice.) My people were humiliated for 400 years, he should have used a different ship to compare. My heart was palpating so fast in class when we had to discuss this with my learning community because this is a topic that people who aren’t the minority would not 100% understand at all, whatsoever. Period. End of discussion.

BUT, I will say, I do agree with the author on how mother Earth’s resources are depleting. We are definitely a world that enriches and empowers the wealthy and powerful and squeezes the life out of the poor and powerless. This is Earth, this is mankind.


I can always appreciate a good, mind stimulating article to read. I really liked this. I am so consciousness about my future and the past that I try to make the best decisions possible and want to have a positive outlook on life. I do feel like even though the past is gone and there isn’t anything we can do about that, I certainly to an extent believe we can, because as soon as we make a choice or a decision about something before it gets pushed to the past we have the chance, but the OPTION to choose what’s right and what’s wrong before it either affects us in a negative way or a positive way.


This article wasn’t all that appealing, but I learned that creative thinking is key to coming up with new looks and styles. In this industry, forecasting new trends for the future is very important and also looking for new trends in the economic aspect of the country. Even though fashion repeats itself. It was nice that he discovered something he was passionate for by drawing cartoons and sketches.

Wild Things

I reflected on this activity in my first blog, but finishing up on the activity it was cool and brainy to see what other thoughts and ideas people come up with that aren’t your own and having to fill in the pieces on a solution or a situation that wasn’t necessary a problem, you just liked. It was like having to finish someone’s sentence that you haven’t fully met or had a conversation with- if that makes sense.

Meditation Reflection

That was so relaxing to me, even though I feel asleep. I was knocked out within seconds and I can’t ever sleep when it’s raining or thunderstorming, so I’m surprised all of that worked. It was nice to be at ease and to feel stress free all by just thinking about the future and taking deep breaths.

Janine Benyus: Biomimicry’s Surprising Lessons from Nature’s Engineers

What a beautiful and exciting talk. It really makes me realize how far we have to go as inventor and innovators. That distance is not an obstacle to me, but many wonderful opportunities. The image that she paints of the future has such wonderful potential and I’m glad to see that people like her are working on bringing it to fruition. “It’s not about a lack of Information, it’s about a lack of Integration.” I think it’s amazing how nature has so much to teach us about technology, if we only have the will to listen- we are complex creatures just as nature is. It’s crazy how we create problems meanwhile we can close our eyes to the solutions in front of us. Research and in depth study applications inspired by nature, I’m sure are not cheap nor simple or effortless, but do require lots of time, money, and management but the first step is just a matter of information and taking action.

Biomimicry Primer Reading

I absolutely love this! It’s almost like a thesis, but more enticing and full of life, images, and energy. I feel as though I can hear her talking and can sense the inspiration in this reading. I had no idea she came up with the word “Biomimicry”. It is intriguing that she carefully picked out each individual meaning for the word as well, to make sure there’s no mix up and it has clarity behind it. The paragraph where she is explaining the word “emulation”, has so much character and depth that I feel made it clear to me what Biomimicry truly is- to not at all recreate the animal or object of nature, but to take an active interest of seeking nature’s advice before something is designed for the real world- to emulate the design principles and living lessons of the object, animal, insect, etc.

A Mercedes Benz inspired by the box fish, that would be interesting and possibly a funky design, but I’d love to see Mercedes do something like this, as well as Nautilus inspired fans that minimize energy use and cut noise. Man, that one would be nice! Fans make too much noise when they spin and I leave mine on all day and come home to a nice electricity bill. Activity

I was a little confused on this activity. Do I ask the internet site a question I have and then it comes up with a solution right there or does the actual corporation come together talk about it and then message me back an answer? I was a little confused on if I’m just going to get a computer automated answer or an actual deeply thought out answer.

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