Blog 2

When looking back on the three articles we read I found it interesting how they talked about the Titanic. What I took from this article was that when dealing with something important you must go about it in a calm way, which would be the opposite of what happened on the Titanic. Instead of being a good leader and calmly telling everyone that they needed to head to the lifeboats, instead it was said in a panic causing all of the passengers to panic. That being said, not all of the lifeboats were filled with the appropriate amount of people causing more people to die than necessary. When thinking about becoming more sustainable it needs to be approached in a way that people will listen fully and not just act out. While reading Looking at the Future through a Cartoonist’s Eyes it really made me think about the future. I know that the way I live and how sustainable I am can affect the way I am living but it pans out to affect way more than just me and my generation. The choices I make on how I live in this world will affect my children and my children’s children and many more generations to come. The author would talk about how he came up with out-landish ideas but I believe that is the step we need to take in order to save our world from being destroyed by us humans. When thinking about the role I have in the outcome can seem rather un-motivating since it will take more than one person to make a change, but what I need to keep in mind is that it starts with just one person wanting to make a difference influence others to do the same.

My favorite article this week was Thinking Ahead:The Value of Future Consciousness. I thought this article was very intriguing when thinking about the way you think and your actions based on your unconsciousness. It is said that human creativity is the ability to produce novel ideas, inventions, and behaviors and I could not agree more; especially when it relates to sustainability. In this article it talks about ways to develop future consciousness and one that stuck out to me was when it mentioned that we should challenge our existing habitual beliefs about our ability to influence the future, that to me is the number way we can make our world more sustainable and able to live healthy for a much longer time.

When we had our in-class meditation reflection I was able to deeply think about where I was going to be in 10 years and see if I have made sustainability a priority of mine and sadly I did not; I did not see myself make that an important way of living and because of that iwant to change my ways now. I do not like how I am not environmentally friendly and that is something I would like to see change within the next couple of years.

My favorite discussion this week was about biomimicry and the Ted talk we got to watch. Seeing how we can mimic ways of doing things through natural products I found to be so interesting and I would love to see that happen more within my line of work. I believe there were brilliant thoughts that made us think about things and be more creative with our ideas of saving the world. When my group and I researched on we found a cool way to use saliva to make paper; as a merchandiser we could use this very organic paper to wrap products when they are shipped out and that way we can maintain our packaging to be effective but still be green.


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