Nature in Design.

This past week I was awakened with a new vision of how to live sustainably.  Last Tuesday, we discussed the demand we have for new thinking and inventions of sustainable living.  We briefly talked about architecture that repairs itself and clothes that grow themselves.  These are both great ideals that incorporate nature and existing materials and create something entirely brand new. A key catalyst I can contribute would be products that have multiple uses in design, such as furniture or materials used for buildings.

Three articles we touched base on were over Titanistad, Thinking Ahead Lombardo, and the views from a cartoonist who sees the future. In Titanistad, it combined issues from the Titanic and Amistad. When relating to the sustainability issues and unhealthy and wasteful lifestyles we are facing today, they may have seemed small at the beginning, but since nothing was done to conserve, the issues only get worse until we “hit the iceberg” and everyone goes down regardless.  People get so caught up in living the lives they are comfortable with and used to and have a hard time changing.  These patterns will eventually lead to this obstruction.  In the futurist and cartoonist articles, the authors are able to look towards the future and visualize what they see and write and talk about it.  In the futurist article, the author encourages readers to think positively about being sustainable and changing our negative ways.  The cartoonist article, I believe people are more intrigued by how the accurate drawings can predict the future so well.  It attracts people and  grabs the attention of readers and makes it known that sustainability and the problems of our current society are an issue.

The last stage of the Wild Things assignment required some deep thought processing for my group and I.  The problem we had to solve was how receipts are handed out without hesitation or question at most restaurants and stores.  We came up with a solution to link electronic receipts from stores and restaurants to the “wallet” app on smart phones.  This would cut back on paper used and give a sustainable solution for consumers.

For the in class meditation, I was surprised at how my mind completely shut off from the crazy stressful world I was currently in and opened up into my future life.  I could see myself going through my daily tasks, looking at myself in the mirror, going to work, driving my car.  However, I was surprised to see how few things were sustainable. This opened my eyes to how crucial it is that change needs to be done now.  Time is ticking. I am not sure that all the resources we have now will still be around in ten or twenty years if we continue using them at the rate we are now.

In the biomimicry TED talk by Janine Benyus she talked about how we should learn from the environment around us to create better sustainable designs.  Whether that be creating a stronger fiber for clothing like that of a spinneret from a spider, which happens to be stronger than any manmade fiber, or building homes with exteriors that clean themselves like leaves. In the primer reading, we discussed how we can make changes and implement great designs and incorporate biomimicry in everything we create.

In our learning communities, we went to and listed three different issues in interior design and presented to the class research we found that could be possible solutions to these issues.  My group focused on indoor air quality.  We found that certain birds have repertory systems that have unidirectional airflow and air sacs that keep the air clean.  We decided a possible solution for this could be to incorporate the bird into giving clean air for humans to breathe indoors!

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