Sink or Float

The “Thinking Ahead: The Value of Future Consciousness” article first intrigued me when it talked about how we as humans are developing our foresight. We can imagine our own future by trying to picture our “mind’s eye”. This statement is very deep and caught my attention. I like the idea of using my imagination to break mental thoughts. I thought that the in class meditation reflection was really interesting and related well to this article. It was cool to get to relax during class and allow our minds to wander. I was able to create a vision of the life I’d like to have someday. I pictured myself in my beach house with my husband cooking for our kids- living a very lavish life. I also enjoyed the cartoonist article and reflecting on how we can invent things by drawing them out. I think the creative process of drawing allows the mind to process what you will draw next while you are drawing without having too think so hard about it; it is more of a natural progression. The “Abandoning Ship Titanistand” article had the perfect analogy for relating our world to a sinking ship. The article was informative to just how detached our culture has gotten from trying to create sustainable practices. Our world needs to work together to recreate what we have lost. If we allow ourselves to work together we can stay afloat and keep going.

I find biomimicry fascinating; the idea of studying nature and its behavior interests me. There are so many things that we can learn from our surroundings, after all animals, plants, and every other living organism has been here a lot longer than humans have. I found that was very informative. There are so many ways to search on that website, and it can really narrow down your search time. I think one of the coolest biomimicry case studies is health care related, “Mosquito inspired pain free hypodermic needle”. As we listened to the TedTalk about biomimicry and Janine Benyus explained the concept of biomimicry, I started to explore the actual possibility of trying to mimic some of natures organisms. Animals are such unique creatures, they have certain instincts that allow them to separate themselves live. If we as humans can master some of these processes we might be able to save some of our earth.

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