Sustainability as a Designer

Sustainability can be so easily inverted into our everyday lives. Janine Benyus Ted talk was so helpful to see. The main point she tried to get across to her audience was when you are trying to solve a design problem, look to nature! So many answers for design our found in nature through biomimicry. Solutions like waterproof, aerodynamic, solar-powered and more! She revealed so many new products that take their cue from nature and have amazing results. Recycled paper is an example of industrial ecology. We are using technology to turn something that could be waste and useless, into something we could use again! I enjoyed seeing the life principal diagram because it shows such clear steps and strategies to not only be sustainable, but provide a cleaner better lifestyle. It inspired to me to think outside the box when I design. In other words, I want to strive to meet multiple needs with one solution all still while being sustainable. I truly believe that less is more! I use to not recycle until I got to college because my residential garbage system did not provide a recycle system, but my house at OSU does. Since I have moved to OSU, I recycle everything. I have changed my habit of not recycling because I was given the opportunity to recycle. This is such a huge issue in our society today with sustainability and recycling. If people are not given the opportunity to be sustainable, they will not make sustainable choices. This has opened my eyes to when I am designing in the future, to always give my client a sustainable material product as an option!

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