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The TED talk by Michael Pawlyn really helped me visualize the vast measures we should be taking and the reality of our sustainability issues. While he talked about the Sahara desert, I had to picture the greenery disappearing from what once was a beautiful forest. He was so smart to think about the idea of a sort of greenhouse for the desert, basically a cradle to cradle type of experience for the desert plants, etc. The system here is awesome because all it does is use water in a way that I wouldn’t have thought about. He reminds us that nature is our greatest friend when it comes to saving our future world.

Personally, I have quite a low carbon footprint. When it comes to flying, I’ve only been on a plane once, when I was 2! I don’t drive much, either. I live fairly close to Stillwater and don’t drive very often. Most of my footprint comes from home use. I am only 2% above national average.

Closing the loop is just what it sounds like, making sure everything has a way of coming back to benefit our environment instead of hurt it. This article went well with the TED talk. The article a copycat of nature, so, very much like the concept of biomimickry. Three great tenants I want to touch on are solar use, choice of sustainable lighting in the interior design world, as well as the fact that waste is our resource.

I am going to implement better recycling practices at my apartment! Back home, my mom is a major fan of recycling and requires that the rest of the family always participate. In college, it’s a little more difficult to remember to recycle, but it’s most definitely one of the easiest changes we can make. Especially plastics and paper.

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