Blog 3


I really enjoyed the lectures this past week. I think that the interaction of everything was super helpful for us to be sure we are understanding all the topics and not just going through the motions. I really liked also hearing hoe sustainability applies in everyone’s specific major because it opened up my mind to just thinking of sustainability in so many different ways and really taught me how to apply it in so many other areas that are challenging. One small subject that really stood out to me when talking in the lectures was about industrial ecology. I find the building of that neighborhood we used as an example so interesting, I think that is something I would want to come up with in the future is living spaces and daily places being all sustainable and made from recycled materials but still so aesthetic.


TED Talk:

I enjoyed Michael Pawlyn’s TED talk a lot, I found his concept very interesting and very creative. I think the need for his concept is very apparent and the responsiveness to it would be well taken. I feel like he was applying so many concepts from our lectures to his greenhouse idea. I could also see his ideas really applying and benefitting any area not just specifically the desert.


Closing the Loop Reading:

I thought this reading was very straight forward and an easy read. It simply is just saying to be sure every beginning product is still being used in its end life to benefit the environment not just ending up in a landfill and hurting it. The article seems to link biomimicry. The tree tenants that stood out are solar use, choice of sustainable lighting, and waste being our resource.. I think that these three are very key concept that can be changed specifically in our major that we could be more sustainable with.

Industrial Ecology:

In industrial ecology is concerned with the shifting of industrial process from line (open loop) systems, in which resource and capital investments move through the system to become waste, to a closed loop system where waste can become inputs for new processes. There is a development called Indigo Development that goes around and finds sprawling urban slums, shantytowns, colonia, favelas, or townships and goes in and makes a living community out of reusable materials. By doing these sustainable communities have innovated in established cities have achieved some successes in waste reduction, pollution prevention, forming of environmental industry economic development strategies, development of eco-industrial parks, and ecological



When doing the cradle2cradle activity I think it helped a lot of people make major connection with how sustainability can apply in so many areas. As a merchandising major I was able to understand how it applied to me specifically but when everyone challenged each other and was asking each different group how they saw it specifically applying to each major it really opened my way of thinking up to so many options and I think I took it as a new way of seeing that sustainability can literally apply to anything and everything.


Carbon Footprint:

Our personal carbon footprint is so important because when dealing with sustainability you have to think of the whole picture not just a part, and so each person contributing to sustainable practices is the only thing that is going to help ever make a huge difference. My personal carbon footprint is pretty high because I do fly and drive a lot, I live out of state and so that is where a lot of footprint comes from. My carbon footprint is above average.


Plans to Recycle/Reuse:

Personally for me something I feel that I help with is I never throw away any of my clothing, I always find somewhere to sell it or donate it or give it away. I have a big family and so hand me downs were always an option for us so I just have always handed down my clothing to where it has now become a habit.

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