Blog 3

The past lectures have been mostly focused on biomimicry and terms and processes of sustainability. This week I really learned the difference between recycle and reuse. I have always believed these were the same words and meanings. Another interesting topic this week was the Ted talk with Michael Pawlyns. He was an interesting person and had a lot of insight into biomimicry and sustainability. The information about the spider that can spin different types of silk was fascinating and mesmerizing. I also calculated my carbon footprint this week. It wasn’t hard to believe that mine was horrible. I do not pay much attention to my usage of resources.

Benyus talked about a lot of tenets for using biomimicry in business. Some of the mentioned tenets included diversifying and cooperating, using waste as a resource, optimize rather than maximize. These three tenets combined together are extremely helpful and important. Diversifying and cooperating would be like using everything that you have to the max. Using waste as a resource would be helpful because instead of outing the waste in landfills you can use it for something else. For example, using an old t-shirt to clean your house. Optimize rather than maximize is like producing what you need but not more.

My carbon footprint was bad considering it was just for me and 9 points above the national average. I drive a car every day and barely carpool. I was not surprised because I d o not try to be sustainable or recycle products. It is also hard recycling when I live in an apartment complex. There are no sustainable and recycling practices on the site. I hope to change my behavior after college.

Some life principles I found interesting were: Be Resource (Material and Energy) Efficient, Adapt to Changing Conditions, and Integrate Development with Growth. These were about taking advantage of local resources and using them efficiently, responding to environmental changes like not using water during a drought, and implementing strategies to help sustainability into your everyday life

The cradle to cradle activity was hard for my group. We did not seem to know all of the questions we got, but we did end up stealing a few points from other teams.

My plans to reuse and recycle are to give all of my clothes that I don’t fit or wear to resale shops to friends or family or to charity. And for recycling I plan to recycle glass bottles and plastic bottles. I buy a lot of bottled water and bottled Gatorade.

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